The roughest of in-progress renders!


Hey, folks. Here’s the rebel ship in-progress, albeit without any of the scoring. I have a test-cut back for the top detail plate, but I’m not going to show that to y’all just yet. Reb


They’re evading our turbolasers!


While work continues on the ships, here’s a preview of some other stuff that’s in the works. I bet y’all will recognize some of these shapes! (The two squares with X’s are standard X-wing Large and Small bases, for size reference. Yup, the terrain is that disgustingly detailed.) Now, these will be made of primarily 1/8th inch (~3mm) and 1/16th inch (~1.5mm), both of which are very sturdy, lightweight, and very, very solid. None of that flimsy paper nonsense or lugging around ten pounds of resin tomfoolery from us. No bubbles from casting, and no molds that get worn out.

terrain prev 1

These are the pencil sketches you’re looking for.


As the sketches are turned into vector drawings for the cutter, here’s a preview of what’s coming your way. These three are each for large sized bases, and are larger than a HWK, but smaller than, say, a Decimator. The first one is a Rebel ship, to be used as a gunship, shuttle, assault transport, et al.:


The second is an imperial shuttle/picket ship, with familiar solar radiating panels on the wings:


Last, and perhaps my personal favorite, a ship from everyone’s favorite ship manufacturers; the Corellians! Perfect for smugglers and other scum:



Starting up!


Hey, folks! Welcome to the home of the future Kickstarter for Pew Pew, a laser cut miniatures line in 6mm, and compatible with the Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game, Warhammer 40k Epic, Dirtside, Iron Cow, and more! The miniatures are made with stacked bits of laser-cut acrylic, giving phenomenal levels of detail, and making them extraordinarily easy to assemble and paint. Kind of like this older, less detailed effort, only more awesome:


Keep tuned for previews!