…and we’re back!


The laser cutter is en route, and designs are ready! Now to just get some plastic. This is about to start up again, and quickly. Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


A hiatus!



Hey, folks. So, some unfortunate news — I (the lead in this project on the design front) have been forced to relocate both my workspace and apartment in the next month or so. As a result, this Kickstarter is going to have to be pushed back from the proposed October launch date to early in 2015, as November and December are not the best times for many people to splurge on themselves! What does this mean for you? Well, the laser cutter will already be purchased, and more time will be put into the prototyping phase. In short, a product with more design and prototype work, finished samples for all of you to see, and more designs!

Stay tuned here, though. While updates will be less frequent, they will still come.

Starting up!


Hey, folks! Welcome to the home of the future Kickstarter for Pew Pew, a laser cut miniatures line in 6mm, and compatible with the Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game, Warhammer 40k Epic, Dirtside, Iron Cow, and more! The miniatures are made with stacked bits of laser-cut acrylic, giving phenomenal levels of detail, and making them extraordinarily easy to assemble and paint. Kind of like this older, less detailed effort, only more awesome:


Keep tuned for previews!