These are the pencil sketches you’re looking for.


As the sketches are turned into vector drawings for the cutter, here’s a preview of what’s coming your way. These three are each for large sized bases, and are larger than a HWK, but smaller than, say, a Decimator. The first one is a Rebel ship, to be used as a gunship, shuttle, assault transport, et al.:


The second is an imperial shuttle/picket ship, with familiar solar radiating panels on the wings:


Last, and perhaps my personal favorite, a ship from everyone’s favorite ship manufacturers; the Corellians! Perfect for smugglers and other scum:



Starting up!


Hey, folks! Welcome to the home of the future Kickstarter for Pew Pew, a laser cut miniatures line in 6mm, and compatible with the Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game, Warhammer 40k Epic, Dirtside, Iron Cow, and more! The miniatures are made with stacked bits of laser-cut acrylic, giving phenomenal levels of detail, and making them extraordinarily easy to assemble and paint. Kind of like this older, less detailed effort, only more awesome:


Keep tuned for previews!